Meeting John O. Moseley

 In late 1951 or early 1952, we had our first visitation from the director of the sae national organization, John O. Moseley, Eminent Supreme Recorder (ESR).  Dr. Moseley was famous in fraternity circles, not just within sae.  Having retired as President of Oklahoma University, he was perhaps the leading authority on ancient Greek mythology and was a past Eminent Supreme Archon (ESA) of the national sae.  He founded the Leadership School for sae actives, which has become a continuing institution.  John Baugh, our future chapter field rep, accompanied him.  This edition of The Record of sae honored him in 2000 but the photo was taken many years before we were privileged to know him.


 The purpose of the visit was to look us over to see if maybe we ought to be invited to join the national and to acquaint us with sae.  After looking over the house and meeting with the executive committee and others in the afternoon, the two agreed to stay for dinner in the boarding club and meet the rest of the brothers.  It was packed.  After dinner, John Bowen addressed some of our questions before turning over the floor to Dr. Moseley.  When Moseley stood, he turned to his younger friend and said, "John, should I give 'em both barrels?" Bowen answered, "Yeah, I think we really like these guys!"  That was the queue for the ESR to deliver what was apparently his landmark speech, "MINERVA'S ROAD". 

 At the time, it was the most inspirational talk I had ever heard.  He talked about following The Goddess of Wisdom's path to enlightenment and the trail to become a true brotherhood.  He spoke of friends and ideals and True Gentleman.  As he talked, there was none of the usual clatter of flatware on dishes and before long one could have heard a pin drop between sentences.  Soon, the door and hall filled with the kitchen crew and others who had not dined, straining to catch every syllable.  When he was finished, almost in a whisper, there were many watery eyes among those hardened buddies.  For a moment, we seemed not to know how to react to what had morphed into an obvious invitation to petition Sigma Alpha Epsilon.  When we finally cheered, it was completely clear that we would accept the challenge.

 Over the next year and a half, we were fortunate to become very close to John Moseley with many letters, phone calls and meetings as he led us through a difficult process.  He became our patron saint and began to refer to us as, "My Boys!"

 We formally petitioned sae on May 5, 1952