This photograph is the first composite portrait of the early members.  It is labeled "1951-1952" but encompasses a longer period.  The executive committee on the top row was elected in February 1952 and served a full year to late February of 1953.    This picture is the most complete one of all those who started the new local, went through the petitioning process and were on hand to become sae's.  The next composite made was labeled 1953-1954 and was sae rather that Tri-Gam.  It did not include many of the early members and I do not have a copy but could post one, if it becomes available. 

      founding fathers

 Shortly after moving in, gifted artist Bill Herr discovered in an old file a picture of the original gggcoat of arms and painted a dramatic, mural sized oil, which still hangs in the house.  Less than three years later, Bill would repeat his effort by painting the sae Coat, also still looking impressive at age fifty-plus.   In this photo from later in1952, I am showing a trophy to then Pledge George Strimbu in front of Bill's Tri-Gam coat of arms.

founding fathers
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